Really Weird Science

Frankenhooker (1990)

Jeffrey (James Lorinz) is a bit of a mad scientist with a beautiful girlfriend in Elizabeth (Patty Mullen). But when Jeffrey's invention, a remote controlled super charged lawnmower ends up turning Elizabeth into a 1000 piece jigsaw he refuses to let her go. After stimulating his brain by drilling holes in his skull he comes up with a plan to use the arts of Elizabeth he has saved and the body parts from various hookers to recreate Elizabeth but make her perfect in the process.

"Frankenhooker" proves the point that utter trash can be so entertaining because technically there is nothing good about this movie. Technically the acting is bad, the script is awful, the effects are corny and at times it is little more than an exploitation movie with plenty of nudity. Yet when you embrace all that is bad about this 90s horror movie it ends up entertaining for all those things, the wild eyed performance of Lorinz, the ridiculousness of super crack which has an explosive quality and much more. But that is it; there is nothing more to "Frankenhooker" than that, no depth, nothing great just entertaining trash.

What this all boils down to is that "Frankenhooker" is one of those movies which technically is bad but then ends up entertaining for everything single thing which is bad about it. And trust me when I say that "Frankenhooker" despite being slim on story you will not forget this movie in a hurry.

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