For Love and Honor (2016)

For Love and Honor (2016)

Hallmark Brings Humour with Honor

James Denton in For Love and Honor (2016)

Colonel Tom Brennan (James Denton) was discharged from the army after he suffered an injury to his shoulder and since then he has struggled to adjust to a civilian lifestyle. So when a former Major General calls him up with an offer he isn't sure as the offer is to return to Stone Creek, the military academy he attended as a boy as in the major's opinion the new Dean, Caroline Foster (Natalie Brown), may be well educated but not the military way. Of course the widowed Tom and single Caroline find themselves locking horns when it comes to the teaching and discipline of the cadets until they are forced to get on and find away of saving the place when the board want to sell the building to redevelopers.

Different characters, different location but beneath the fun and pleasant surface "For Love and Honor", a stereotypical Hallmark movie, trades on a familiar storyline. That storyline is the clash of personalities which lead to romance and a joint effort when something they both care about deeply is under threat. As such let me say pretty much straight away that "For Love and Honor" does not hold any surprises, you know where this is heading the minute we meet Tom and Caroline and their characters clash.

Natalie Brown in For Love and Honor (2016)

But familiarity does not breed contempt when it comes to "For Love and Honor" as this is a Hallmark movie which delivers the fun and the cuteness which the best Hallmark movies are made of. That starts with James Denton and Natalie Brown who both bring loads of attractiveness to their roles both physically but also when it comes to their characters personalities. And that brings so much cuteness when these two share the screen and skirt around each other when the chemistry is clear to see. I will go as far as saying that these are a couple of characters you warm to and credit to Denton and Brown for making them work so well.

But "For Love and Honor" has something else, an extra layer to the fun and romance because this is a movie which is rich with inspiration. From discussions about perseverance, pride, doing what you hold dear and so on it is all there. But to give credit where credit is due, the inspirational side of "For Love and Honor" isn't cheesy at all and plenty of it hits home.

What this all boils down to is that "For Love and Honor" ends up a pleasant surprise as it is a Hallmark movie which not only delivers all the typical fun and stuff but it has heart. And more importantly it all comes together in an incredibly smooth and charming manner to make it one which you will enjoy watching more than once.

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