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Fly Me to the Moon (2008)

With his home in the shadow of Cape Canaveral, Nat, a horse fly, dreams of going to the moon and he is encouraged by his adventurous grandfather to reach for his dreams. So with his friends Scooter and I.Q. he sneaks aboard Apollo 11 which leads to his mum panicking when she can't find him. It also leads to trouble as there are some Russian flies who want to stop the American flies from beating them to the moon.

With my eight year old head on I may have enjoyed "Fly Me to the Moon" especially if I had watched in the 3D it was intended to be watched in. As an eight year old I would have probably found these animated flies amusing, I would also probably find the voice work amusing as well as the storyline. And more importantly as an eight year old I would have probably found the 3D elements impressive although I doubt I would ever be blown away by it.

But as I close in on becoming 44 I have to say that "Fly Me to the Moon" did pretty much nothing for me and being more cynical I suspect that whilst someone may have once doodled an amusing fly character, who it has to be said doesn't look like much of a fly, the whole purpose of this animation was to pull in audiences with it being in 3D. Unfortunately even watching this in 2D it is clear that they use 3D as a gimmick with scenes which have no purpose other than to showcase 3D as these flies fly through blades of glass and so on.

What this all boils down to is that "Fly Me to the Moon" is an animation more for children than for families with little which will genuinely keep an adult entertained unless they are still impressed by movies which use 3D as a gimmick.

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