Flirting with Danger (2006)   3/53/53/53/53/5

James Thomas and Charisma Carpenter in Flirting with Danger (2006)

Pretty Basic

Part of me wants to say "oh dear" because "Flirting with Danger" is basically a "Basic Instinct", "Body of Evidence" knock off, made for TV and never reaching the steamy heights of those notorious erotic thrillers. And as we are talking TV movie I also want to say "oh dear" because it all looks so false with far too many good looking people who spend a lot of time in their underwear and delivering some terribly fake dialogue. But whilst "Flirting with Danger" makes me say "oh dear" it is surprisingly watchable, a reasonable distraction which whilst failing to scale the heights of eroticism keeps you engaged with a reasonable mystery.

When his best friend dies of a heart attack in the bath Rafe Marino (James Thomas) is highly suspicious especially as he learns that there are others who have died in similar circumstances. With the help of his cop friend Gloria (Victoria Sanchez) he starts to investigate but certain things make him suspicious of his new girlfriend Laura (Charisma Carpenter - Deadly Sibling Rivalry) as some mysterious faxes have come from one of the businesses she owns.

Victoria Sanchez in Flirting with Danger (2006)

"Flirting with Danger" starts in a semi-steamy manner as we watch a man receiving a semi-sensual massage before climbing in to the bath and suffering a heart attack. It is by no means as sexy or as thrilling as the opening scene to "Basic Instinct" but very similar in mixing eroticism with murder and actually does a good job of concealing who the killer is. And that is the thing about "Flirting with Danger" because it uses a similar type of idea to "Basic Instinct" with Rafe getting close to a woman who could be the killer and as such you constantly have that comparison in mind. Yet it also holds its own, yes it is a bit corny in places but it keeps you wondering as to who the killer is as along the way there are others who are suspicious.

But as mentioned "Flirting with Danger" is a TV movie and suffers from some typical TV movie problems from over acting to corny dialogue less than convincingly delivered. The biggest problem is it ends up very manufactured with far too many good looking people who spend an inordinate amount of time half undressed, half undressed does not make sexy even when it is beautiful people. The other problem and a completely typical one is when the mystery is solved you try to piece it all together and the gigantic plot holes start to reveal themselves getting ever bigger and bigger.

Aside from that well there is the cast which includes Charisma Carpenter, James Thomas and Victoria Sanchez all of which are very good looking. But in fairness they also do a reasonable job of playing their parts, yes some of the dialogue makes their delivery corny but they play their characters well especially Charisma Carpenter who does sexy and dangerous quite nicely.

What this all boils down to is that "Flirting with Danger" comes across as a TV movie take on the "Basic Instinct" style erotic thriller, tamed down for TV audiences. But whilst inferior it is surprisingly watchable, keeping you interested by the mystery rather than the good looking people who spend too much time half undressed.