Flaming Tornadoes, Casper

Fire Twister (2015)

Firefighter Scott Nylander (Casper Van Dien) was forced out of service after he became involved with Carla (Lisa Ciara) and her little group of environmental protestors. It is how he comes to be at an oil silo at the wrong time as this little band of ecologists were planning on placing a protest banner on it when a bomb explodes and a huge fire tornado is formed which starts making its way across country. As Scott and the team try to warn others of the impending disaster and find a way of extinguishing the flaming tornado they find themselves being accused or terrorism.

I really hope that who ever financed "Fire Twister" did so with an incredible tight grip on the purse strings as truth be told I can't believe that after this movie was made they decided it was good enough to be released. Now I love my bad disaster movies, there is nothing I enjoy more when I have either sat through some heavy movies or some genuinely under whelming movies to watch an entertainingly bad movie but "Fire Twister" sucks on a whole different level, a level I don't think I have encountered before.

Casper Van Dien in Fire Twister (2015)

As such I really can't bring myself to waste my time trying to review this but will say that right from the word go the acting throughout is poor with many of the actors seeming to be bemused and embarrassed by the movie. Then there are the special effects and as a fan of made for TV disaster movies I am use to those which don't look real but these are shocking, almost as shocking as some of the makeup work for so called injuries. But the worst of this is the ridiculousness of this story which makes no sense what so ever and doesn't even entertain for being nonsense as we have a fire tornado which seeks out fire to fuel itself.

What this all boils down to is that "Fire Twister" has that rare honour of being a bad disaster movie which is so bad it goes beyond the point of being entertaining and sucks big time. Truth be told I genuinely wonder why after putting this movie together they decided to release it rather than sealing it in concrete and dumping it in the middle of the sea.

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