No Defense

Ashley Scott in Fatal Defense (2017)

For single mum Arden (Ashley Scott) her priority is her daughter and so when one night and intruder enters their home leaving them both shaken she listens to the detective and her sister when they suggest she took a self defense class. But her first experience of the intense Logan Chase (David Cade) when she shows up for one of his martial arts classes puts doubts in her mind. Deciding to stick with it for the sake of her daughter Arden finds herself growing to like Logan who has a softer side. Unfortunately Logan's tests to try and toughen Arden up makes her fear for her and her daughter's lives especially when she discovers another side to him.

So let me make this simple; in "Fatal Defense" we have a single mum who falls for her self defense instructor who seems like a nice guy with a sensitive side but then has an obsessive side which makes him a total psycho. Okay so it is elaborated on as we learn that the defense guy lost his girlfriend but there is no denying that the plot to this made for TV movie is weak and also riddled with the sort of flaws which even frustrate those of us who tend to enjoy TV movies. In truth "Fatal Defense" ends up one of those made for TV movies which entertains more for being bad than for anything good.

Part of the trouble is that director John Murlowski rather than focusing on delivering story and developing the characters focuses on delivering nice looking shots with the actors looking attractive as they frequently stare down the lens of the camera. It adds to the movie's ridiculous nature when during a supposedly dramatic scene one of the actors for all sense and purpose poses for the camera.

What this all boils down to is that "Fatal Defense" is not just a weak movie but a pretty ridiculous one at that which ends up dominated by the shot staging and the actors looks rather than the story.

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