Fairfield Road (2010)

Fairfield Road (2010)

Metcalfe Fights for Fairfield

It's not until we are lost that we begin to understand ourselves - Noah

Jesse Metcalfe in Fairfield Road (2010)

Life for Noah McManus (Jesse Metcalfe) is going well, he is good at his job helping the Mayor with her re-election, he's been offered a job working for a Senator and he has just proposed to his girlfriend Wendy (Natalie Brown). But then it all goes wrong, he discovers Wendy is cheating on him, the Senator is found guilty of taking illegal payments and he quits working for the mayor when she forgets that she took the job to serve the people rather than herself. Having originally arranged to have the engagement ring sent to an inn in Harpswell, Cape Cod for a romantic weekend where he was going to propose Noah heads up to collect the ring. But something happens; he not only meets small town girl Hailey Caldwell (Natalie Lisinska) but he falls in love with the place where everybody knows your name. And he also finds himself in the midst of a battle as a developer wants to expand the town, bringing in big businesses but in doing so ripping the heart out of the community.

If you are in the mood for a bit of lightweight romantic fun and see "Fairfield Road" appear on the TV schedule by all means watch it but I doubt it will set your world alight. It's not that as a romantic comedy it is bad, in fact it is typically charming in a Hallmark sense of the word. But at the same time "Fairfield Road" is nothing you won't have seen before and done better because what it is, is the big city boy goes to a small town and not only falls in love with the small town but also a small town girl. But then "Fairfield Road" has another side because running alongside this pleasant romantic comedy is the story of a developer wanting to turn the small town into a big town with big shops. And for anyone who lives in a small town and sees the heart of their town being destroyed in the name of progress by developers with an eye on the money it is a little inspiring, I did say a little.

Natalie Lisinska in Fairfield Road (2010)

The thing is that having said all that there isn't a great deal more that I can say about "Fairfield Road" because it is so stereotypical right down to when Noah uses his skills to fight the cause for the town to stop the redevelopment. But then what "Fairfield Road" has is Jesse Metcalf delivering nice guy and he does it so well be cause he gives us handsome confident but with just a touch of vulnerability which I am sure makes him even more appealing. And Natalie Lisinska has her own appeal as well with that girl next door thing going on which makes the pairing sweet together

What this all boils down to is that "Fairfield Road" is a pleasant little romantic comedy which is not that original but quite charming. I wish there was more that I could say about it as whilst it gets across that some small towns are mean to be small everything about it is on the lighter side of things.

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