Staging an Old Murder

Lindy Booth in Eyewitness (2017)

It's been five years since Diana (Lindy Booth) gave evidence in court which put away a man, Louis (Craig Olejnik), for the murder of her father and her fiancee but she still lives in her father's mansion, rattling around the place all on her own. It is some thing which frustrates her brother Chris (Jon McLaren) as he part owns the estate and really wants to sell the place. But things take a turn for the surprising when the man Diana helped put away not only escapes from prison but breaks into her home and holds her hostage. As he claims he is innocent Diana begins to wonder whether she did end up putting the wrong man away as he spots things in the security video which weren't noticed before.

As I watched "Eyewitness" I felt myself thinking that maybe the original idea was for this story to be a stage play, it certainly lends itself to it. I say that because after a set up which establishes that Diana is still struggling with the loss of her father and fiancee, whilst also establishing that her brother wants to sell the family home we get to the crux of the movie. That crux is Louis holding Diana hostage and working through the events all those years ago which leads to various brief flashbacks. On stage I could see this with one side of the stage with Louis holding Diana hostage and then on the other side those flashback scenes being acted out.

Craig Olejnik in Eyewitness (2017)

As to "Eyewitness", well it is a solid movie with Louis telling Diana things she never knew about her father, her fiancee as well as the family lawyer which begins to put in to question what really happened 5 years ago. And of course we also have established early on that her brother is very keen on selling the family home, one glorious mansion which requires cleaners and gardeners etc etc. As such it is a case that slowly, like in an old Columbo movie, we get to see all is not as it seemed when it came to the murder and Louis is are innocent man trying to prove his innocence. The question is, is there a twist to all this when it comes to who the killer is?

What this all boils down to is that "Eyewitness" isn't anything new and it certainly doesn't break new ground but it is certainly watch able and as I said almost has a feel of a stage play adapted to work as a movie. Part of what makes it watch able is that Lindy Booth and Craig Olejnik are both likeable.

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