No Great Expectations

AJ Michalka, Jesse McCartney in Expecting Amish (2014)

Following her mother's death Hannah Yoder (AJ Michalka) has found her father relying on her more than ever to help raise her siblings but at the same time she finds her boyfriend Samual (Jean-Luc Bilodeau), who she has been with since they were young, very committed to them having a future together. But as part of the Amish community and having reached the age of 18 Hannah has the opportunity to go on Rumspringa and experience life outside of the community, in this case heading to Los Angeles with 3 friends. Despite feeling reluctant to leave her father to cope on his own her doubts about her future leads to her going. It is in L.A. that she ends up meeting and becoming romantically involved with Josh (Jesse McCartney) and ending up pregnant. When the time comes for her to return she decides she must in order to explain to her family properly but explaining is much harder that she imagines

I am no expert in the ways of the Amish and all I have really learned has come from casual research every time I watch a movie based on some Amish characters but even with my limited knowledge I can see that "Expecting Amish" is not the most accurate of movies. But in truth "Expecting Amish" is not really about the Amish way of life and more of a love triangle story with Hannah finding herself torn between her home life and the boy she has grown up with who she is expected to marry and the boy she has actually fallen for and whose baby she is carrying.

The thing is that once you are able to push past that "Expecting Amish" is not an accurate movie and just enjoy this romantic drama it is okay in a light manner. Okay so it won't win any awards or win over many hearts with its romance as it all a little cute and fanciful but sometimes cute works and with the nice looking cast lead by AJ Michalka it is pleasant on the eyes. Plus whilst AJ Michalka is the star of the movie there is also Alyson Stoner who provides a nice layer of humour as Hannah's friend who really enjoys the freedom of Los Angeles.

What this all boils down to is that "Expecting Amish" is just a typically light, not overly accurate, made for TV drama surrounding a naive young woman who has her eyes opened to another side of life and love leading to complications of the heart.

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