Lori Loughlin and Colin Ferguson in Every Christmas Has a Story (2016)

Kate Harper (Lori Loughlin) and Jack Brewster (Colin Ferguson) were an item back in college but they went their separate ways with Jack getting married. But things have brought them back together on a professional basis as Kate is the presenter of a TV show whilst the now single Jack is her producer. But an accident which saw Kate tell a guest that she doesn't like Christmas is accidentally aired and becomes major news. The head of the network comes up with a damage limitation plan to send Kate to Holly Vale, the biggest little Christmas town in the country where Kate is to do a segment on how she has rediscovered the magic of Christmas and Jack has to go with her. But whilst there Kate begins to suspect Holly Vale's love of Christmas is not what it once was.

It seems so obvious, a former couple who are now work colleagues end up in a small town together at Christmas, it sort of sounds quite obvious that they are going to end up together doesn't it. But much to my surprise "Every Christmas Has a Story" has more going on as when Kate and Jack hit Holly Vale the investigative journalist side of her can't help but notice that this little Christmas town talks about how Christmas was rather than is. And that is where "Every Christmas Has a Story" comes good as whilst it has the obvious side it also has some mystery not only when it comes to Holly Vale but also when it comes to Kate's own relationship to her father.

As is always the way when it comes to Hallmark movies "Every Christmas Has a Story" delivers on appeal. That appeal starts with Lori Loughlin and Colin Ferguson, two of the most likeable actors to grace TV movies let alone Christmas TV movies and they bring their likeable, picture postcard appeal to this. On the subject of picture postcard appeal we have the most wonderful log buildings adorned with Christmas decorations and snow scattered all over the place. Yes I know it is an idealistic image of Christmas but it is the sort of Christmas escapism which makes you feel warm inside.

What this all boils down to is that "Every Christmas Has a Story" follows the trend of 2016 Hallmark Christmas movies which is to deliver the obvious and familiar but with an added touch to make them more than just another Hallmark Christmas movie. As such in "Every Christmas Has a Story" we have the obvious romantic side but we have a nice touch of mystery which makes this a lot more interesting than you might expect.

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