Downhill (2014)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Downhill (2014)

A Middle Aged Pub Crawl

Gordon (Richard Lumsden) and his old friends from school decide to complete Wainwright's coast-to-coast Walk and making a fly on the wall film about it as they go. But things don't go exactly to plan as stop offs in pubs along the way threaten to derail their journey as do issues that each of these guys face in their lives and revelations come out.

A thought came to mind as I watched "Downhill" I wondered whether the actors Ned Dennehy, Richard Lumsden, Jeremy Swift and Karl Theobald were old friends in real life and came up with this idea together of making a movie about them going on a foot-trip. "Downhill" certainly has that feel, a small budget movie made by some actors who were making things up as they went along. Now some might enjoy that but for me "Downhill" described the movie quite well as the longer it went on the harder I found it was to stay interested in.

Now maybe I just can't connect with the characters in "Downhill" as foot-trip movies can be brilliant just watch "The Way" to see a really good one. Or maybe it is the fly on the wall styling which is the big road block for me but there is something about "Downhill" which makes it a movie with the ability to annoy rather than entertain. And that is sadly how these characters end up coming across, they are annoying and not enjoyable to spend 98 minutes with.

What this all boils down to is that "Downhill" on paper is a movie with a good idea but the final product has a style and characters which doesn't work for me and ends up a movie which kept pushing me away as its attempts at humour ended up annoying.