Loaded in Moodley

Danny Dyer in Doghouse (2009)

After his wife divorces him Vince (Stephen Graham) finds everything a struggle and so his mates rally around him and use it as an opportunity to get away from the women in their lives for a weekend of heavy drinking and male bonding. But after arriving in the remote country village of Moodley they find themselves not only outnumbered by the female residence but these women are Zombiebirds having been infected by a virus which turns them in to even bigger man-haters than the women these guys have left back at home.

So Neil, played by Danny Dyer, leaves a bird's house in the morning having hooked up with her the night before and she runs down the street in her lingerie after him where he doesn't even know her name. About 40 years earlier that sort of scene would have been at home in a "Carry on" movie and whilst times and tastes have changed back then "Doghouse" seems to be semi stuck in the past with Dyer's character calling ever woman babe and every woman seems to be big breasted in this movie.

But "Doghouse" is not just some excuse for a lot of male fantasy and sexist comedy because this is yet another British comedy horror which tries to follow in the footsteps of "Shaun of the Dead" even going as far as having zombie women but of the man hating variety. And that is all this is, just another movie trying to do the British horror comedy and only achieving showing how good "Shaun of the Dead" was by being mediocre and predictable in comparison. I suppose for those bladdered on a Friday night there may be some fun to be had watching this when you stumble in.

What this all boils down to is that "Doghouse" tries to be a horror comedy with a mix of lad humour and gore but truth be told it doesn't succeed in being anything other than another British comedy horror which can't match up to "Shaun of the Dead".

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