The Chef & The Cardiologist

Ryan Rottman and Maya Stojan in Diagnosis Delicious (2016)

Dave Oberlin's (Ryan Rottman) career as a top chef came off the rails when a bit of a physical altercation with a top food critic went viral and now none of the top establishments will hire him which is why he is reluctantly doing cooking demonstrations at a culinary school. Dr. Nina Kirby (Maya Stojan) is looking forwards to getting a promotion but finds herself with first having to convince chef Oberlin to come on board and lead the hospital's healthy living seminars. Trouble is that Nina can't cook and isn't interested in cooking either which doesn't impress Dave when she attends his cooking classes. Determined to win him over the two discover they have common ground elsewhere.

Right off the bat let me tell you that "Diagnosis Delicious" is 90% typical of the made for TV genre and that isn't a bad thing because this has been made for those who enjoy the unchallenging, easy to watch nature of these inoffensive family movies. As such of course the chalk n cheese characters of the handsome chef and the attractive cardiologist will eventually find themselves sharing matters of the heart. Not only that but of course the doctor's friend at work will also find themselves with some romantic interest, it fills in the gaps nicely. And of course the cast, lead by Maya Stojan and Ryan Rottman, whilst playing their parts also are easy on the eye.

But as I said "Diagnosis Delicious" is 90% typical which also means you can spot the big screen influences on the storyline with a chef struggling to rebuild his career after a meltdown went viral. But there is that other 10% which is what the common ground will be which eventually unites the chef and the cardiologist. I won't tell you what that common ground is but as is usual the clues quickly present themselves so it isn't a huge surprise when they do become close.

What this all boils down to is that "Diagnosis Delicious" is a regular made for TV movie which is inoffensive and easy to follow. For some that may sound like a complete waste of time but truth be told "Diagnosis Delicious" is a pleasant little distraction for those who enjoy the familiar inoffensive nature of TV movies.

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