Oh Dear

Joseph A. Halsey in Dear J (2008)

James Jamisin (Joseph A. Halsey) was an evangelist who had a loving girlfriend who would write him a letter every day of his life. But then she died and suddenly James' life was left turned upside down to the point he committed himself to a psychiatric hospital where he clings on to her last, unopened letter whilst struggling with his faith. But he also has visions of being in a courtroom defending the existence of God.

In the last year I have found myself watching a few movies which come under the Christian Cinema and whilst some have surprised me by how good they were others have been exactly what I expected, suffering from familiar themes, familiar issues and so on. As such when I read a synopsis for "Dear J" I thought that maybe this would be one of those movies which was the exception to the rule with an interesting storyline surrounding a crisis of faith. Unfortunately I ended up disappointed by a movie which didn't seem to know it was playing to an audience.

What I mean is that those behind "Dear J" came up with this interesting concept of a man struggling with his faith and having to defend the existence of God in court to prove to himself. Unfortunately getting across the detail of this from the significance of the letters, the evidence for proof as well as the crisis of faith does not come across and it is those who made the movie knew what it was about but forgot those watching wouldn't have that same connection which I hate to say this leaves the movie a mess and one which despite some good points is intelligible at times.

What this all boils down to is that whilst I like the idea of "Dear J" the final product is heavily flawed and makes it extremely hard work to watch and follow.

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