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Mummy Dearest

Alicia Ziegler and Mark Hapka in Deadly Revenge (2013)

Cate (Alicia Ziegler) and Harrison (Mark Hapka) first met when they both reached for the same cupcake in a coffee shop and then they found themselves working together for the same architecture firm. Working closely together leads to more as they end up romantically involved and everything seems great except for one nagging problem, Harrison's previous girlfriend was also called Cate and she just disappeared, never to be heard off again. But never the less things move along nicely and Harrison decides to take Cate home to meet his widowed mother Evelyn (Donna Mills) who seems happy that her son has a new woman in his life. But then Cate begins to become sick suffering from vertigo and dizziness which leaves her lacking in energy with a friend saying her symptoms match those of Mercury poisoning.

Weird thing to wish for but sometimes I wish I had one of those flashy mind wipe pens from the "Men in Black" movies as then not only could I erase the memory of bad movies from the mind but I could also erase the multitude of mediocre ones which I have watched. It would also mean I could watch a movie like "Deadly Revenge" and not foresee everything within minutes of it starting although somehow due to some seriously unsubtle acting and some deliberate writing I reckon I could still foresee much of what will happen.

Donna Mills in Deadly Revenge (2013)

Now "Deadly Revenge" starts out like some sort of romantic comedy with the meet cute over a cupcake in a coffee shop, it even has the bubbly rom-com music to accompany this opening which pretty much culminates with them ending up locked in an office at work for the night and of course one thing leads to another. And Alicia Ziegler and Mark Hapka have the perfect look for a rom-com.

But then after that night in the office "Deadly Revenge" turns tail and becomes a thriller as we meet Harrison's mother who immediately we come to realise dotes on her boy, maybe a little too much. On top of that we have Donna Mills delivering the evil eye throughout the movie which of course makes us think we have a possessive mother who doesn't want a girl replacing her in Harrison's eyes. The question is can "Deadly Revenge" really be that obvious, is it making all the hints about the previous girlfriend and the dead father so in your face that we think it must be something else. In truth it is hoping that there will be more to this than meets the eye which keeps you watching.

What this all boils down to is that if you haven't watched many movies and like movies which feature appealing actors and actresses then maybe "Deadly Revenge" will work. But for those who enjoy movies are likely to find this not only all a little too familiar but also less than subtle.

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