Dater's Handbook (2016)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Kristoffer Polaha and Meghan Markle in Dater's Handbook (2016)

A Dating Decider

Cass (Meghan Markle) has life pretty sussed when it comes to business as she knows how to deliver what her clients want and that not only makes them happy but also her. But whilst she may be business success her personal life is a mess with a habit of picking the wrong men with the only reliable male in her life is her dog Duke. It is why out of desperation Cass turns to a self-help book on dating by Dr. Susie especially as on one hand she has the fun loving and extremely charming Robert (Kristoffer Polaha) in her life but on the other there is the reliable and less full of themselves George (Jonathan Scarfe). The question is can Cass trust her own feelings when she is so prone to bad choices when it comes to love?

Sometimes what may sound like an insult is actually a compliment, this is the case when I say "Dater's Handbook" is a by the book Hallmark romantic comedy. We have the woman who whilst successful at work is not successful in love, she is surrounded by a cliche bunch of friends who are happy and mostly settled down whilst her mum is encouraging in her finding a Mr. Right. Oh and of course we have two guys, chalk n cheese with are successful woman having to work out what she really wants in a man, young fun or grown up courtship. So what we get is the ups and downs of dating two guys in secret who are chalk n cheese and the outcome of what Cass decides; go with her head or her heart.

That is it and to be honest the "Dater's Handbook" is not one of those Hallmark romantic comedies which really sucks you in and demands you watch every second. In fact "Dater's Handbook" is more one of those movies which becomes back ground noise and only truly starts to get your attention towards the end when of course Cass finds herself making a decision over who to date. Although for those who enjoy the soft rock of REO Speedwagon will probably find their head turned by the use of their songs a couple of times.

What this all boils down to is that "Dater's Handbook" is in the nicest possible way just another Hallmark romantic comedy which falls in to the category of a background movie where you can do other stuff whilst it is on and not really miss anything, some might even say that is the best way to watch it.