A Hallmark Promposal

Bailee Madison and Shenae Grimes-Beech in Date with Love (2016)

Prom is coming and David (Quinn Lord) is desperate to make his mark on school before it is too late but unfortunately every girl he has asked has turned him down. Everyone that is except for his best friend Heidi (Bailee Madison) who he has known since they were little and asking her doesn't even cross his mind. It is why David decides to shoot a promposal online video asking movie star Alex (Shenae Grimes-Beech) to be his date to the prom. When Alex suffers another humiliating break-up with a movie star and with the prompting of her friend decides to accept the promposal as it will be good publicity. Things take a surprising turn when trying to evade the swarming paparazzi Alex meets Mr. Walsh (Andrew W. Walker), David and Heidi's handsome English teacher.

"Date with Love" is Hallmark hitting you with a two for the price of one set up; on one hand we have the grown up romance between a celebrity and a teacher and then on the other the high school student oblivious to the fact his best friend has a crush on him. And so yes that does mean that for many a person "Date with Love" is a no brainer movie, a piece of entertainment you put on not because you want a movie which will challenge you but because you want something as easy on your eyes as it is your mind, well that is if you don't find cliche romantic comedies groan inducing.

Andrew W. Walker in Date with Love (2016)

What that really means is that "Date with Love" ends up all about the appeal of the actors and both Shenae Grimes-Beech and Andrew W. Walker have that easy on the eyes appeal. What they also have is some Hallmark romantic comedy chemistry which means they spark off of each other nicely specially during the early antagonistic stage of their relationship. But what "Date with Love" also has is Bailee Madison playing the ignored best friend who pretends to hate prom because she doesn't want to be embarrassed etc, a character which has been around since at least my teens and the John Hughes movies of the 80s. And Madison plays it in a cute manner which works nicely alongside the central romantic storyline.

What this all boils down to is that unsurprisingly "Date with Love" is a movie built on the familiar so that it is an easy to watch, lazy afternoon distraction. And in truth it succeeds as whilst not one of those Hallmark romantic comedies you will find yourself desperate to watch again it is an enjoyable distraction with nice casting.

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