Dangerous Company (2015)

Dangerous Company (2015)





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Alicia Leigh Willis in Dangerous Company (2015)

Having worked hard Pauline (Alicia Leigh Willis) has built up the business she inherited with her sister Deanna (Susan Slome) and is in no mood to sell out when another company puts an offer on the table to invest in it. But Pauline has other things on her mind as she seems to be letting things slip; showing up late for meetings, beginning to misplace things and so on. It is doubly scary as their mother had suffered from Alzheimer's Disease before she died and Pauline fears she may have the same. But is Pauline's health failing or is there something more sinister going on?

I would not wish dementia or Alzheimer's Disease on anyone but as someone who watches and reviews a lot of movies I wouldn't mind being able to forget some of those I have watched, a feeling I know I share with other movie reviewers. The irony is that it is not just the bad movies I would like to be able to forget but also many of the middle of the road ones as well because then I could watch a movie and not end up comparing it to others but also be oblivious to where it is going shortly after the movie starts.

Rick Ravanello in Dangerous Company (2015)

That leads me to "Dangerous Company" which sees a business woman think she is suffering from Alzheimer's disease after seeming to become increasingly forgetful which leads to stress and a sense of losing control. The trouble is that any made for TV movie which features a character becoming increasingly forgetful, misplacing things whilst missing appointments is pretty obvious especially one which is a thriller because it then comes down to who is behind it all as in who is trying to make Pauline think she is losing her marbles. And the worst thing is that "Dangerous Company" doesn't do much to disguise who is behind it especially for those who have stumbled across similar movies about mind games and being unstable.

If the familiarity of "Dangerous Company" wasn't bad enough then there are the characters and sadly these are the sort of generic characters which feel like they have been lifted from other movies and dropped in to this one. By that I mean Rick Ravanello delivers the same sort of performance and character which I have seen him do in at least a half a dozen other movies and whilst Ravanello is solid his character is forgettable. The knock on effect of this is that pretty much all of the characters end up anonymous suffering from a lack of depth and background to make them real and memorable.

What this all boils down to is that "Dangerous Company" is just another movie dealing with madness and manipulation, failing to bring anything new to the familiar set up which means this ends up predictable from start to finish. But in being ordinary at best it frequently ends up struggling to grab hold of your attention as it has all been done before.

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