The Weak Weak West

Cowboys & Indians (2011)

When Patricia (Katy Maloney) is taken prisoner by a bunch of renegade Black Claw Indians, former cavalry man, Captain Bugle (Alvin Cowan) is called in to action to find and rescue her. But the Indians are being led by a dangerous medicine man making things far from straight forwards for Bugle.

How in heck did "Cowboys & Indians" ever get released, this has to be one of the weakest, most amateurish westerns I have ever had the displeasure of watching and trust me I have watched a lot of westerns which I thought were weak until I watched this. And that is the key to what the problem with "Cowboys & Indians" as everything about it is weak be it the acting, the dialogue, the look or the action there is not a single part to this western which is actually worthy of any praise.

What I am guessing is that Aaron Burk and Tyler Burk who wrote and directed this movie grew up watching westerns because so much of this movie is clearly influenced by other, far superior westerns. As such we have the abducted by Indians storyline, the former cavalry man, the unscrupulous gamblers, the gold miners who get fleeced. And I could go on as that doesn't even cover the fact that one bad guy has the classic black outfit with the shiny silver buckles around his hat. The thing is that a movie this cliche and this weak could have ended up going down the so bad it is entertaining route but this is just weak and weak is never enjoyable.

What this all boils down to is that "Cowboys & Indians" is something worse than bad, it is weak as a weak movie it fails to even be enjoyable for being bad. I honestly can't find anything to praise about this attempt at a western and all I can say is save your time if you ever come across this on a TV schedule. Actually there was one scene which made me laugh, a cowboy is shot with a gun by an Indian but when he hits the ground he has an arrow sticking out of him which he is clasping, go figure.

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