Kelly Overton in Correcting Christmas (2014) (aka: Back to Christmas)

Too Many Red Marks

Christmas is coming and Ali (Kelly Overton) plans on doing nothing as a year earlier she had broken up with Cameron (Michael Muhney) and regrets it especially when she bumps into him with a new girlfriend. But she has an unusual encounter with the bubbly Ginny (Jennifer Elise Cox) and after going to bed she wakes up the next morning not only in the guest room of her parent's but 365 days earlier when she was still with Cam. Thinking she can do right what she did wrong last year Ali discovers that things are not exactly the same especially when Cam becomes jealous of neighbour Nick (Jonathan Patrick Moore) who has been best friends with Ali all her life.

I hate it when I come across a Christmas movie which ends up so lazy that it can't even make a routine story idea entertaining. That is how I feel about "Correcting Christmas" or "Back to Christmas" which it is also known as right from the word go this movie is obvious yet it doesn't do it well enough to keep you watching and frequently becomes the background noise as you become distracted by other stuff.

So what do I mean? Well we have a bit of "Back to the Future"/ "Groundhog Day" as Ali gets to go back to a year earlier to make up for a mistake when it comes to her previous boyfriend. But wait there is more because as soon as we return back to the previous year we meet the neighbour which means there is an obvious romantic triangle going on which also means that Ali will begin to realise that maybe the guy she thought she wanted is not the one she really does. In fairness there are some amusing aspects to this when it comes to Ali's interfering mum but they are few and far between with more gaping plot holes than memorable moments.

As for the acting well this is a case of the acting is fine; Kelly Overton is likeable, Michael Muhney delivers just the right amount of self-centred which the character needs. But unfortunately fine doesn't mean memorable and the acting, cast and characters is all of the type that 24 hours later you are struggling to remember any of it.

What this all boils down to is that "Correcting Christmas" is by no means the worst Christmas movie I have come across but it is one which struggles to do familiar right and so becomes one which is instantly forgettable.

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