Consumption (2016)

Consumption (2016)

Not Consuming Enough

Consumption (2016)

4 friends; Seth, Becca, Eric and Mallory are heading to a condo up in a snowy mountain range to get away for a few days. On the journey there Seth tells the others that the area is supposedly haunted but no one seems that bothered by the old wives tale. But once they reach their destiny strange things begin to happen as curious locals start showing up whilst something seems to take control of the four friends.

Everyone has two sides to their brain and I reckon "Consumption" triggered thoughts in both sides of mine. On one hand this movie struck me as yet another low budget indie horror made by a group of unknowns, probably in their free time, with one camera and the editing done on a home computer. Sometimes these low budget movies can punch above their weight and be genuinely entertaining but "Consumption" isn't one of them with the low budget aspects contributing to why it is a bit of a slog to watch.

But on the other hand, whilst "Consumption" is by no means the finished product it doesn't feel like those involved were half assing it. Each of the main actors genuinely tried to deliver character even if there didn't seem to be much depth to their characters in the first place. And then there is writer/director Brandon Scullion who clearly has a vision for this movie, one which clearly has some high profile influences. Sadly whilst the equipment and budget prevent him from realising that vision the potential to be at least a decent horror movie is there.

What this all boils down to is that as is "Consumption" is not a good movie, it suffers many of the issues which come with being a low budget indie which whilst spoiling things for me won't bother everyone. But whilst "Consumption" is not a good movie there is clearly potential on show especially from writer/director Brandon Scullion.

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