Columbo's Issue of Diplomacy

A child tries, a man accomplishes, you must succeed - Hassan Salah

Hector Elizondo in Columbo: A Case of Immunity (1975)

When a dead body is discovered in the embassy of a Middle Eastern nation Lieutenant Columbo (Peter Falk) finds his curious nature getting him in to trouble. Not only does the culture differ greatly to what Columbo is familiar with but when he starts to suspect that there is a set up going on involving Hassan Salah (Hector Elizondo), the first secretary to the King, there is the subject of diplomatic immunity to contend with.

If I said that 90% of "Columbo: A Case of Immunity" is typical that is a good thing because who wants to watch an episode of "Columbo" where Peter Falk comes out of character or investigates something which isn't a murder. As such we get the raincoat wearing detective picking up on small details from a gun which was still holstered to who has keys to a room where guns are kept. And of course we have the guest appearances with Hector Elizondo playing Hassan Salah who finds himself becoming annoyed by the shabby little man getting in the way and asking probing questions.

But what makes "Columbo: A Case of Immunity" is the situation where Columbo has to find a way of circumventing the politics of diplomatic immunity to bring the real killer to justice. And of course this side is entertaining as Columbo finds himself getting in to hot water as his investigations get him closer to the truth. I won't say how he deals with things but like everything about "Columbo" is entertaining.

What this all boils down to is that "Columbo: A Case of Immunity" is as entertaining as any episode of "Columbo" and delivers all the elements which fans love. But this "Columbo" owes a lot to the writers to come up with an entertaining situation to put Columbo in.

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