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Cloudy with a Chance of Love (2015)

Meteorologist Deb (Katie Leclerc) is focused on completing her Ph.D but finds herself with an unusual proposal as a TV station calls her and offers her the chance of becoming a weather presenter. With a makeover thrown in to the package she takes the job and finds herself falling for a handsome colleague. Soon Deb is loving her new life as a TV personality whilst also enjoying her new romance; the trouble is her studying for her Ph.D falls to the wayside whilst she begins to question whether she has found love or whether she is being used.

So first things first; if you were not aware "Cloudy with a Chance of Love" is a Hallmark Channel movie and as such we are talking a movie which relies on a tried and tested formula. That means anyone who watches expecting anything outside of the norm or expecting something realistic when it comes to meteorology is probably going to be disappointed. But for those who enjoy the easy going nature of made for TV romantic comedies will find this typically easy to watch, not requiring much concentration or causing you to think about once you have finished.

As such what you get in "Cloudy with a Chance of Love" is a very typical story which sees a young woman getting distracted from what she loves doing by a bit of fame, she also finds herself falling in love but there comes a time when she not only realises she is no longer who she was but begins to question whether the guy loves her or is using her to progress his career. As I said there is nothing new here but Katie Leclerc is likeable and there are the usual bunch of off good looking people and some familiar faces in the cast which ultimately help in making it easy to watch.

What this all boils down to is that "Cloudy with a Chance of Love" is another easy to watch Hallmark movie which reworks a familiar storyline in an okay but nothing special manner.

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