Christmas in the Smokies (2015)

Christmas in the Smokies (2015)

They're Saving the Farm this Christmas

Sarah Lancaster in Christmas in the Smokies (2015)

Shelby Haygood (Sarah Lancaster) has grown up on the family berry ranch and with her folks getting on in years is taking on more of the business duties. But things are not looking good with the bank refusing to loan the money which Shelby would like to grow the business whilst a businessman is circling who wants the property as part of a massive redevelopment plan which will affect the whole community. As Shelby does what ever she can to try and save the farm she may have to let bygones be bygones with her form boyfriend Mason Wyatt (Alan Powell), a superstar country singer with a poor track record when it comes to keeping his word. With Mason agreeing to perform in a concert to save the farm Shelby is going to have to have the faith that her father has that things re going to work themselves out.

Now let me see; we have an old family home and business in danger of being lost because a bank won't give them any leeway on their loans. We also have a local businessman trying to line his own pockets by getting their land to put in a much bigger business, one which will change the way things operate around town as they will no longer be a small place in the middle of nowhere. On top of that we have a young woman trying to save the place and her ex boyfriend who shows up looking to reconnect with who he once was and hopefully with his old girlfriend. What I am getting at is that "Christmas in the Smokies" is an extremely familiar movie.

But "Christmas in the Smokies" makes up for its lack of originality by having the magic combination of wholesome character, well that and an incredible amount of Christmas music played in a country style. We have Sarah Lancaster being likeable and attractive whilst Alan Powell has not only the look but some lad back charm. Character comes from Barry Corbin who is perfect as the cunning and wise father figure whilst the landscape is a character in its self. It means that "Christmas in the Smokies" is one easy on the eyes movie which you put on when you are looking for something wholesome and easy on the eyes rather than something which challenges your brain.

What this all boils down to is that "Christmas in the Smokies" won't be for everyone and for anyone who enjoys these sorts of movies are sure to find most of what is on offer here is familiar. But if you want laid back, familiar and a charming afternoon watch this will be right up your street.

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