Christmas Cookies (2016)

Christmas Cookies (2016)

A Cookie Box Christmas Movie

Jill Wagner in Christmas Cookies (2016)

The town of Cookie Jar is where Aunt Sally's Christmas Cookie Company is based and is the lifeblood of the town as most of the families have someone who works there. But Aunt Sally's Christmas Cookie Company is struggling and National Foods, a large conglomerate, wants to buy it with executive Hannah (Jill Wagner) heading to Cookie Jar to oversee the purchase which will mean shutting down the town's factory and relocating it to Buffalo. Despite no longer having any Christmas spirit Hannah and her sister Kelly (Chelsey Reist) use to go to Cookie Jar as a child and returning brings back some memories as everyone there loves Christmas. Hannah also meets Jake (Wes Brown) who currently owns the factory and is determined for the business to remain in town.

Hannah may have been to Cookie Jar as a child she might as well be New in Town, oh yes that is a not such a subtle reference to the Renée Zellweger movie "New in Town" which this may remind many off. I say that because the storyline of a small town business being taken over by a bigger business which plans to shut it down has been told a few times, in fact the Melissa Gilbert Christmas movie "A Holiday for Love" works the same theme except with the focus being a tractor company. But as such I would be hard pressed to tell you that "Christmas Cookies" has an original idea.

Wes Brown in Christmas Cookies (2016)

But as I have said more than a few times before, sometimes a movie can work even when it isn't overly original and "Christmas Cookies" does because it serves up the imagery of Christmas which fans of Hallmark Christmas movies love. So yes the set decorators make the movie with their houses which are beautifully decorated with Christmas trees and garlands and so on. We also have snow, ribbons, lampposts made to look like candy canes and basically making Cookie Jar come across as the town which lives for and loves Christmas.

What we also have is Jill Wagner and Wes Brown who have plenty of what I am going to start calling that Hallmark wholesome appeal. Do I need to say more other than to say that whilst they deliver on the movie's visual attractiveness again the chemistry doesn't quite manifest itself to make the romance side of the movie come to life. On the subject of which, I might as well quickly mention that Hannah has a boyfriend back in the city but of course he isn't the right guy for her, are they ever?

What this all boils down to is that "Christmas Cookies" is a traditional Hallmark Christmas movie to the point it has a familiar storyline, familiar characters and truth be told a lot of familiar decorations. But in a season of tradition the familiarity of "Christmas Cookies" kind of works in its favour making it a warm movie to get you in to the Christmas swing of things.

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