I Believe in Angels

Timothy Spall in Christmas Angel (2011) (aka: My Angel)

Eddie (Joseph Phillips) is like most teenagers, a little stroppy but deep down he loves his mum. And it is what happens to his mum when she is hit by a car and left in a critical condition which hits him and his brother Stewart (Angus Harrison) as they have no father and losing their mum in the lead up to Christmas is unthinkable. But then Eddie is visited by his mum in his dream who wants him to find a halo which means finding an angel, something which his brother thinks is ridiculous as do others such as Mr. Lambert (Timothy Spall) the R.E. teacher. But Eddie's dedication and conviction begins to have an effect on others.

Okay, on paper "Christmas Angel", which is also known as "My Angel", sounds like it could be a good movie. To start with what a cast with Brenda Blethyn, Timothy Spall, Mel Smith, Celia Imrie and Janet Dibley who many will recognize from appearing on "Doctors". Then there is the storyline which sees a young boy in need of a miracle for Christmas in order to save his mum who is in a critical condition in hospital. And there are subplots surrounding the various characters such as the R.E. teacher and the headmistress.

But that is on paper and sadly in real life "Christmas Angel" ends up one of the most mind numbing Christmas movies I have watched in recent years. On one hand what we get a lot of is Eddie travelling around a lot and then on the other we get actors such as Brenda Blethyn and Timothy Spall playing to type, doing the same things they have done in other movies as if their characters here hadn't been written. And that leads me to think that maybe behind "Christmas Angel" was this story which on paper was good but when they tried to turn it into a movie it lost what ever it was which made it special and then had to be padded out to stretch it towards the 90 minute mark.

What this all boils down to is that "Christmas Angel" was neither the magical or moving Christmas movie I had hoped it to be and in truth considering the supporting cast it was a bit of a disappointment.

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