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Carrie (2013)

It is little surprise having been raised by her psychotically religious mother, Margaret White (Julianne Moore), that Carrie White (ChloŽ Grace Moretz) is a social outcast at school who finds herself humiliated when after gym class she has her first period whilst in the showers and one of the girls videos her freaking out. But things don't end there for Carrie as she finds herself the focus of more bullying with one girl setting out to humiliate at the school prom. What no one realises is that Cassie has discovered she has the power of telekinesis so watch out anyone who crosses her.

Unlike many I was never a huge fan of the original "Carrie" and when a remake was announced I actually thought good as maybe they would stop it from being dull and with the exception of a couple of scenes forgettable. Well as it turns out those behind this remake seemingly only had aspirations to make this 2013 version on par with the original and so yes that means this version was equally as dull and forgettable with even those pivotal scenes from the original now being forgettable as well.

In many ways I wish I could say that "Carrie" was an improvement on the original but to me it feels like they haven't done much with the story other than modernise it with the use of smart phones and basically cyber bullying which makes it all the more ridiculous that in this world there is a teen who has never been taught about her time of the month, guess she was off school for that lesson. But it isn't just the minor update on the storyline which disappoints as the effects also do because too much is made of them and so far too often it feels unnatural and forced.

What this all boils down to is that "Carrie" ends up another disappointing remake but more because it failed to make the original better and there was plenty of opportunity to do just that.

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