A Bad Excutive Decision

Captive Hearts (2005)

Larry's marriage to Elizabeth is not great since having moved to a new city following Larry getting hired as an executive for a multinational corporation. But that doesn't change her emotions when on his first day Larry is kidnapped and held for ransom. With FBI Agent Jade Marlo and Seattle PD Detective, Jimmy Kelsoe leading the investigation they suspect all is not as it seems and that the kidnapping maybe more to do with destabilising the company on the stock market. Things become all the more complicated as Elizabeth finds herself becoming close to the compassionate Kelsoe who also develops feelings for her.

Bon Jovi sang " You give love a bad name", well movies like "Captive Hearts" give TV movies a bad name which they don't always deserve. Here is a TV movie where every single actor over acts and the writers have tried to turn in a thrilling script but to do so have resorted to developments on a whim. Basically this is one of those movies which when it is over will feel like it started at point A and made it to point Z but missed out a lot of the steps in between, just delivering the big impact scenes.

Where does the fault with "Captive Hearts" lie; is it the writers or maybe the actors. In truth director Rex Piano must shoulder a good deal of the blame for delivering something which is punchy in a bad way. By punchy I mean everything about it is forced and gets to the point of bordering on the unwatchable due to the way every actor comes across and scenes are delivered in a soap opera-ish style.

What this all boils down to is that "Captive Hearts" is simply a bad movie and having watched a lot of TV movies can say that this is the sort which have given TV movies the bad name they have earned. For me the only positive in "Captive Hearts" is that it wasn't filmed on substandard equipment.

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