Campfire Kiss (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Danica McKellar in Campfire Kiss (2017)

Clashes, Chaos and Cuddles at the Campfire

Single mum, Dana (Danica McKellar), has always been close to her son but now as he becomes a teenager they have become a little disconnected especially when at school as she happens to teach at the school he goes to. To try and connect with him she decides to go camping, not something she is comfortable with especially when she heads to the camping store to buy supplies she ends up becoming frustrated with laid back owner Steve (Paul Greene). But it appears Steve, a single father to a teenage daughter, has had the same idea and at the camp site they discover they are neighbours with a lot more in common than they first realised.

Clashes, chaos and cuddles are the three main ingredients to "Campfire Kiss" a Hallmark movie which for fans of Hallmark movies will be a pleasure to watch. But of course we are talking two other typical things which spring to mind when you mention Hallmark movies, which are predictable and formula. As such whilst "Campfire Kiss" is entertaining it doesn't hold many surprises or strays far from the usual formula.

Paul Greene in Campfire Kiss (2017)

What does that all mean? Well we have the clashes in personalities between single parents Dana and Steve who of course end up bonding not just romantically but also when it comes to sharing their single parent struggles. We have the comedy chaos of Dana not being outdoorsy and so things don't go completely smoothly and of course the cuddles because Dane and Steve fall in love. As I said, "Campfire Kiss" doesn't hold much in the way of surprises as it is a predictable Hallmark movie. But it does have lashings of appeal as both Danica McKellar and Paul Greene deliver the looks and likeable nature which good Hallmark characters have whilst the various outdoor locations are beautiful which in turn enhances the stars looks as well.

What this all boils down to is that you get what you expect from "Campfire Kiss", which is all the typical elements of a Hallmark movie. For some that won't be great but for fans of Hallmark movies "Campfire Kiss" delivers all the fun and charm that they watch them for.