A Lullaby in Blue

Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds in Bundle of Joy (1956)

Polly Parish's (Debbie Reynolds) day just goes from bad to worse when after being fired from Merlin's department story for being over eager with customers she is mistaken as a mother leaving her baby at a home for foundlings. When the owner of the home finds some papers which Polly left behind which mention Merlin's he goes around to speak to the head of Merlin's, J.B. Merlin (Adolphe Menjou) mistaking his son Dan (Eddie Fisher) for the owner but persuading him not only give Polly her job back but with a pay rise. Confused Polly heads home only to find the owner of the home for foundlings waiting with the baby and leaving it with her. Things become even more complicated when having taken an interest in Polly and the baby; Dan starts to fall for her whilst his father believes he has become a grandfather.

For those who are not aware "Bundle of Joy" is in fact a remake of "Bachelor Mother" from 1939 and right away I will say that I prefer the original which had charm and comedy thanks to Ginger Rogers and David Niven. But whilst following an almost identical storyline with confusion over a foundling and romance between the son of a department store owner and a member of staff "Bundle of Joy" has a different feel even though it is still a comedy.

That different feel comes partly because it is a musical and one which is full of perky upbeat numbers which whilst enjoyable are for the most not overly memorable. But "Bundle of Joy" also happened to be Eddie Fisher's movie debut and sadly whilst Fisher could certainly deliver quick lines and sing a song there was something simply not natural about his performance with at times him seeming to be acting too much to the camera. The thing is that opposite Fisher was his wife at the time, Debbie Reynolds, who certainly was comes across more comfortable in the movie but almost over powers the movie by being too perky even for a perky character.

What this all boils down to is that "Bundle of Joy" is certainly a fun movie but for me the humour and charm of the original wins out. But there is one scene in "Bundle of Joy" which is simply perfect and that is when Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds sing "Lullaby in Blue" as they try to put the baby to sleep and it simply makes you smile because everything about it from the lyrics to the comic timing and the harmonies work.

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