It's a Brave Bear

Brave (2012)

As the daughter of King Fergus (Billy Connolly) and Queen Elinor (Emma Thompson), Princess Merida (Kelly Macdonald) has always taken after her adventurous father rather than her lady like mother. It makes Queen Elinor especially exasperated when ever Merida grabs her bow and heads off into the woods to be the tomboy that she is. But Merida finds herself exasperated when she learns that as to tradition her mum has arranged for the first born sons of the neighbouring Lords to enter a competition to win her hand in marriage. It leads to Merida angrily heading in to the woods and after running in to a witch inadvertently turns her mother in to bear. Now Merida and her 3 wee brothers are going to have to go on an adventure to turn their mother back.

I remember when "Brave" came out and two things were frequently mentioned when people spoke about it. One of those was the stunning animation work and there is no denying that "Brave" is a beautiful movie. The opening animation work as the camera pulls out to the scene in the woods when Merida ends up meeting the witch looks fantastic. But do you expect anything less from a Disney Pixar movie which has had time and money spent on it, I know I don't.

Brave (2012)

There is of course the other thing which was mentioned, the fact that this Disney movie has a female lead and a plucky one at that. The question is whether or not plucky is always a good thing because early on the attitude of Merida, the rebellious nature is maybe not what some people would want to encourage in their children. Of course you could just say it is a cartoon but of course we all know how cartoons can influence children and I am not convinced that "Brave" like a few other animations have set the best example to children.

But don't get me wrong as "Brave" is an entertaining movie and I am sure young children will find it all incredibly entertaining whilst some young adults will probably enjoy the recognizable nature of the actors doing the voices.

What this all boils down to is that for me "Brave" is a typical animation from Disney Pixar which is entertaining. But I didn't find it that amazing or at least not as amazing as so many others have found it.

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