Finding Fault in the Flight

Kerry Condon in Brace for Impact (2016) (aka: Final Destiny)

Sofia Gilchrist (Kerry Condon) was a Flight Crash Investigator but found herself forced to take time out thanks to losing it during a previous investigation. It is during this time she tries to tackle her own fear of flying by attending meetings and going on a flight to Washington with her brother. But before the plane takes off Sofia freaks out and manages to get off, choosing to drive across country instead. It is on the drive she hears the news, the plane went down with her brother dying in the crash. Wanting to investigate but told no way by her superiors she decides to do so on her own and finds her former colleagues believing it was just a technical fault in the plane whilst the methodical Sofia believes it was something else.

Is "Brace for Impact", which also goes by the name "Final Destiny", a bad movie? No; is it an entertaining movie? the answer is no again. That is the problem with "Brace for Impact" as if you look at the basic storyline which sees a crime scene investigator going rogue to investigate a crash her brother died in is not bad. Okay so it is all a bit familiar as whilst plane crashes are unusual an officer going it alone to investigate, and a female one at that, is pretty routine.

The trouble with "Brace for Impact" really comes down to the character of Sofia as I can appreciate that the writers decided to try and make her a tough, independent woman they went to far and made her cold and unlikeable. As such there is one scene after another where they way Sofia goes about her private investigation borders on the intimidation and whilst we are meant to be impressed by her drive and determination it is too much.

What this all boils down to is that "Brace for Impact" ends up a pretty standard made for TV thriller with a woman doing her own investigating. The trouble with it isn't so much that it is bad rather than the central character is too cold to warm to and that makes the whole movie feel cold.

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