Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (2006)   1/51/51/51/51/5




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Sacha Baron Cohen in Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (2006)


Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen) a TV presenter in Kazakhstan heads to America with his small crew to complete a documentary on life in the West and how American ways could help his homeland. Whilst there he stumbles across a show featuring Pamela Anderson in a swimsuit and with his crew in tow sets about tracking Pamela down whilst still doing his job so that he can ask her to marry him.

So the joke is we have Sacha Baron Cohen playing a fake foreign reporter fooling everyone he meets in America that he is Borat and seeing how much foolish behaviour he can get away with at the expense of himself but also those he meets. Once upon a time I would have loved this and would have spent days mimicking Borat and his catchphrases but it seems to be a case that either I have lost my sense of humour or just grown up. Don't get me wrong as some of "Borat" is amusing but almost 90 minutes of the same facade is too much for me.

In fairness to Sacha Baron Cohen it takes balls or insanity to do what he did as Borat and in a way I applaud him for having the audacity to do it. But like with other Sacha Baron Cohen creations they are fine in small doses, part of a TV show but dragged out to an entire movie and it becomes repetitive and the longer it goes on the less funny it becomes.

What this all boils down to in what is one of my shortest ever movie reviews is that "Borat" was not for me and it is a case that in small doses Sacha Baron Cohen's creation is funny but almost 90 minutes of Borat and his ways is too much and no longer for me.

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