Wait for a New Dawn

Black Dawn (2005) Steven Seagal

They thought he was dead but Jonathan Cold (Steven Seagal) is anything but as along with a small team bust a master criminal out of prison. Could the former CIA agent have turned rogue, it certainly would look like that as he seems to be helping some bad guys with a plot to create a nuclear device. But CIA agent Amanda v) knows Jonathan and knows he could never turn bad guy so the question is what is cold up to. And the even bigger question is after 5 minutes well you even care?

"Black Dawn" is not the first time that Steven Seagal has played Jonathan Cold; he also played him in the utterly terrible "The Foreigner". Now here's the good news, in comparison to "The Foreigner" "Black Dawn" is an improvement but compared to pretty much every other movie made by Seagal it is still poor. And I will keep this short and sweet as whilst we have a storyline which sees some not so surprising double crosses and bad guys biting the bullet one by one this is yet another Seagal movie where it is too obvious that a stand in has been used when it comes to the action scenes and a few of the back to the camera walking scenes. It means that with the editing done in such a way to hide who is behind the action it ends up an ordinary and anonymous feeling movie.

What this all boils down to is that "Black Dawn" whilst an improvement on "The Foreigner" is still a poor Steven Seagal movie with that anonymous, factory line feel which makes it forgettable which isn't a bad thing.

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