No Turkish Delight

Baskin (2015)

A group of Turkish cops who have been winding up a new member to their team over how most men of the area have sex with animals find themselves called to attend a building. The neighbourhood where the building resides is full of rumours when it comes to the old building but the law men still enter. Inside things quickly turn strange when they encounter a black mass which wants to take them to hell.

To be honest I am pretty sure that "Baskin" is not only the first Turkish movie I have watched but I don't think I can name another one which I know about. That for me made watching "Baskin" an interesting proposal as it was something potentially different to the norm. Unfortunately I have to say that whilst "Baskin" has its moments I can't say that as a whole it did a lot for me. And the reason for this is that "Baskin" takes what feels like an eternity to really get going, trying to allow us to get to know these 5 cops but in doing so feels slow and disjointed with nothing quite coming together. Of course this is part of what the movie wants to be about, the mystery over what is exactly happening and whether it is real or a dream but it makes it exceptionally hard work, made all the harder with "Baskin" also being a foreign language movie.

But where "Baskin" undoubtedly impresses, and this is right from the opening scene, is the quality of the visuals. The use of lighting, the unusual camera angles which for example shoot from across some cooking meat to the special effects it is all attention grabbing and for the right reasons. And whilst I wouldn't say it was worth the wait when the graphic nature of "Baskin" presents itself during the final 30 minutes it will certainly grab your attention with the violence and gore.

What this all boils down to is that truthfully "Baskin" was not for me and I found it hard work to get in to and follow. But whilst hard work there is no denying that at times "Baskin" is visually impressive with not only the horror special effects impressing but also the cinematography through out as it is surprisingly stylish.

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