Bad Man from Red Butte (1940)

Bad Man from Red Butte (1940)

Same Old Man from Red Butte

Bad Man from Red Butte (1940)

When Buck Halliday (Johnny Mack Brown) shows up in town he walks in to a whole host of trouble as his twin brother, Gil Brady (Johnny Mack Brown,) has recently hit the town and of course everyone thinks Buck is his no good brother. But things are made even more mess by the fact that Hal Benson (Norman Willis) wants Dan Toddhunter's (Lafe McKee) ranch and has one of his men kill him but making out that Brady is the murderer. With Buck being mistaken for Gil he finds himself facing a lynch mob and in need of his friend Spud's (Fuzzy Knight) help to prove his innocence.

"Bad Man from Red Butte" is an entertaining little Johnny Mack Brown which unsurprisingly is slightly heavier on the humour than you normally get. I say that because not only do we get some confusion comedy with Johnny Mack Brown playing twins but we also have a few more of those quirky western characters which you often found in this era of western movies. But whilst "Bad Man from Red Butte" is slightly lighter in tone it is otherwise typical with a love interest, mistaken identity, crooked businessman and a need for our good guy to go out and prove they are innocent. It isn't by any means a bad movie but it is one which doesn't stray from the path other western movies have trod.

What this all boils down to, as I wade through a whole host of old westerns hoping to uncover something special, is that "Bad Man from Red Butte" is just another stereotypical old western which ticks the same boxes which pretty much every other one hour western ticked. It makes it ordinary and not overly memorable.

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