At Least it's Not Stinky Ass

I soon realised that no one was willing to give me a chance, I had to create an opportunity for myself - Frank Vega

Danny Trejo in Bad Ass (2012)

When Frank Vega (Danny Trejo) returned home from Vietnam a decorated soldier he soon realised that society didn't care and his high school sweetheart had moved on. Having created a life for himself Frank goes unnoticed for 40 years till the day he stood up to 2 punks on a bus who were harassing an elderly gentleman as his heroics were filmed and ended up all over the net, making him an instant hero known as bad ass. But when his best friend Klondike (Harrison Page) is murdered and the police are not appearing to do anything Vega takes matters in to his own hands.

Let me start with the most interesting thing there is to say about "Bad Ass", it was inspired by the AC Transit Bus fight which became a viral video when it was filmed by a bystander. But that is as interesting as it gets and in a way "Bad Ass" feels like a minor companion piece to "Harry Brown" and "Gran Torino" where we have a war vet taking matter into his own hands when he tires of the system which fails him and those who live in his community. But this isn't some movie full of social commentary like those two movies and is really just an excuse for Danny Trejo to be as the title says, a bad ass.

Taken as just a simple movie all about the comedy of Danny Trejo being a bad ass and "Bad Ass" kind of works. I say kind of as at times it is amusing at others in your face violent but it is unable to consistently reach the same level and so there is many a scene which just drifts along, biding time till the next moment of action comedy or often the case just comedy.

What this all boils down to is that "Bad Ass" is kind of entertaining when you are fan of Danny Trejo doing action comedy. But if you watch expecting anything more than basic level entertainment you are going to end up disappointed.

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