Babysitter's Black Book (2015)

Babysitter's Black Book (2015)

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Babysitter's Black Book (2015)

For a high school project Ashley (Spencer Locke) has set up "family buddies" which offers babysitting, tutoring and various other services to help out busy parents. But when Ashley's parents tell her that they are having financial difficulties and are going to have to raid her college fund which means rather than going to a top college she may be stuck at home and having to go to a community college. But with her hot girl friends who help her out with "family buddies" they decide to use it to raise money for college and to make more money they start offering personal services to the wealthy husbands who would like to sleep with college girls. But things start getting dicey when one of the father's gets possessive and demanding.

Do all American teenagers have the sort of sexy underwear that Victoria's Secret models wear and also have the smoking hot bodies to go show them off? Do teenagers now have such a blase attitude to sleeping with married men and any guy they fancy that they have no fear about what the repercussions could be? I could go on because as I watched the Lifetime movie "Babysitter's Black Book" I not only found myself bored but also found it even ridiculous for a TV movie.

Of course with this being a made for TV movie there are consequences for these teens and the cheating husbands but so much of the movie seems to be focusing on these teens bodies and their perfect smiles. Maybe I was just having an off day whilst watching this as usually when one of these movies goes this basic and false with cheesy dialogue I begin to enjoy them for being bad but this just didn't work for me.

What that is all boils down to is that maybe this will entertain some who will enjoy the cheesiness of the characters and the storyline but for me "Babysitter's Black Book" never grabbed me or entertained either through its soft eroticism or through being entertaining in a bad movie sort of way.

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