Autumn Dreams (2015)

Autumn Dreams (2015)

Summer Loving

Jill Wagner and Colin Egglesfield in Autumn Dreams (2015)

As teenagers Annie (Ivy Matheson/Jill Wagner) and Ben (Matt Visser/Colin Egglesfield) were in love, so in love that one night they sneaked off to get married before planning to head to the big city together. But when Annie's father discovers that they have got married he not only stops her from leaving with Ben for the big city but then has the marriage annulled. Except it turns out he didn't get the papers finalized and fifteen years later Annie, who is now running the farm, is due to be married, to Ben's brother Joe (Michael Karl Richards) when she receives divorce papers from Ben's lawyer as Ben is also about to marry. Heading to the city to find out what is going on she discovers that Ben has become a huge success but when they go before the judge she won't give them a quick divorce whilst they find spending time together leads to old emotions being stirred up.

As most devotees of Hallmark movies will know, many of their stories feel like they have been inspired by storylines found in big screen movies. As such as I watched "Autumn Dreams" there were various aspects to the storyline which I found familiar such as they discover that her parents stopped the letters which Ben wrote to Annie from reaching her whilst on the day Ben left for the city Annie's father had the first of a series of heart attacks which meant she didn't get to see Ben off. But on top of that there are familiar character types as well, such as Ben's big city girlfriend clearly being wrong for him whilst his lawyer Tony provides the movie with some screwball comedy.

But as I frequently say familiarity is part of the Hallmark brand and as long as you then get the fun, the warmth and the cuteness then the movie will work. And "Autumn Dreams" delivers all that with the likeability of Jill Wagner being a strong part of what makes the movie work. But in a strange way the actor who makes the movie is Matty Finochio who plays Ben's lawyer Tony as he brings touches of Tony Randall style comedy to this with his nervous energy. And that brings me to what "Autumn Dreams" is; it is the sort of light weight comedy which back in the 1960s would have been a vehicle for Doris Day & Rock Hudson on the big screen.

What this all boils down to is that "Autumn Dreams" is a bit of obvious, light weight fun for those who enjoy the sort of romantic comedy which might seem utterly ridiculous to some people but an enjoyable distraction for others. And with touches of 60s romantic comedy about it "Autumn Dreams" has a chance of entertaining those who grew up watching Doris Day in her romantic comedies.

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