Amish Grace

Jes Macallan in An Uncommon Grace (2017)

Having been given extended leave following her tour of duty, military nurse Grace Conner (Jes Macallan) is staying with her grandmother (Kelly McGillis) and younger sister Becky (Hillary Horvath) whilst making up her mind about whether to return for another tour. But things take a surprising turn when Levi (Sean Faris), from the surrounding Amish community, shows up in a panic as his stepfather has been killed and his pregnant mother is in need of urgent help. Fortunately Grace manages to save Levi's mother and his unborn baby brother but becomes curious as to who murdered Levi's stepfather. But the more Grace and Levi work together the more she realises what a closed community the local Amish are especially as the local Bishop puts not only pressure on Grace to stay away from the community but also on Levi to marry his daughter.

That synopsis hardly does justice to "An Uncommon Grace" as this movie is packed with events. For example we learn that Levi's mum has not spoken to her sister ever since she was kicked out for marrying an Amish man from another community. We also have Grace's sister having secrets of her own, whilst someone keeps breaking in to the shed at the Conner's with stuff going missing. As such whilst there are certain things in "An Uncommon Grace" which are a bit standard, such as Levi clearly having feelings for Grace despite the fact they are forbidden.

What this actually means is that "An Uncommon Grace" does a decent job of keeping from you what is exactly going on be it the Bishop pushing his daughter on to Levi or who murdered his step-father and why. Although whilst there is certainly plenty of mystery in this movie as well as some suggestion of romance it doesn't actually build a story so much and so after getting these various story strands we then get the revelations and of course things coming to a conclusion, some of which is a little surprising.

What this all boils down to is that "An Uncommon Grace" is certainly an entertaining movie from "Hallmark Movies & Mysteries" but not to the point that this any more memorable than any other movie which airs on "Hallmark Movies & Mysteries".

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