The Major Misfit

I know how pure you are, I wouldn't even offer you a cough drop - Artie

Charlie Schlatter in All-American Murder (1991)

After ending up in a cell yet again and disgracing his father Artie Logan (Charlie Schlatter) finds himself being sent to Fairfield College where he is to make something of himself, something he failed to do at all the other colleges he was kicked out of. But as per usual Artie not only doesn't find fitting in coming naturally but he ends up in bed with the Dean's wife, Erica (Joanna Cassidy). But Artie also finds himself completely smitten with Tally (Josie Bissett) the most popular girl on campus, adored by everyone. But when Tully is found murdered it is Artie who ends up the chief suspect and having to prove his own innocence as his past indiscretions haunt him and det. P.J. Decker (Christopher Walkern) hounds him.

"All-American Murder" may have been released in 1991 but director Anson Williams, yes the same Anson Williams from "Happy Days", gives this a real 80s vibe from the clothes to the music and with Charlie Schlatter playing Artie like he was the love child of Michael J. Fox and Emilio Estevez, strange but so true. And this 80s vibe, whilst really cheesy at times with some horrendously cringe-worthy dialogue, actually works in the movie's favour as it adds some much needed entertainment value.

Christopher Walken in All-American Murder (1991)

The trouble is that whilst you have an 80s vibe, Charlie Schlatter as well as Christopher Walkern as a detective the movie is technically bad. The whole story of Artie trying to prove his innocence whilst det. P.J. Decker, being an eccentric cop, hounds him is not that engaging and is quite weak. It is a case that rather than being a thrilling story the bad writing does a better job of making you laugh and groan and that is where "All-American Murder" kind of works best, being entertaining when it is bad.

What this all boils down to is that those who come to "All-American Murder" hoping for an exciting thriller with Christopher Walkern are likely to be disappointed. But for those who enjoy movies which make you laugh and groan in equal measure will probably get a kick out of this for all which is groan worthy about it, especially the dialogue.

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