Run Luner Run

Jamie Luner in Accidental Switch (2016) (aka: Killer Switch / A Mother's Revenge)

Recovering alcoholic Jennifer Clarke (Jamie Luner) flies to Buffalo to attend her daughter's graduation and that means having to deal with her ex, Richard (Jason-Shane Scott) who left her for a woman not much older than their daughter. But dealing with Richard is nothing compared to the fact that when she landed she ended up with the wrong bag and it appears that the owner of the bag she has in her possession is Conner (Steven Brand), a psycho who kidnaps her daughter in order to get his bag back. With the local cops being a useless bunch it is up to Jennifer to save her daughter from a man who will murder just because he can.

In the UK "Accidental Switch" was broadcast as "Killer Switch" whilst I believe in America it was broadcast as "A Mother's Revenge" which sounds much more like the typical movie name for something which would be broadcast on the Lifetime channel. And "Accidental Switch" is an extremely typical Lifetime style movie where we have regular TV movie actress Jamie Luner playing a single mum going to extreme lengths to save her daughter from a menacing bad guy whilst the police, men of course, are useless.

Steven Brand in Accidental Switch (2016) (aka: Killer Switch / A Mother's Revenge)

The thing is that whilst "Accidental Switch" has an incredibly generic side thanks to familiar casting and a typical protective mother storyline it does have a couple of things which work. One of those is Jamie Luner playing the troubled Jennifer who has to tackle one day at a time and has a nervous side to her which makes you think she could crumble at any point and hit the bottle. Of course part of the story is Jennifer finding the strength to deal with what is going on but that nervous side is decent as is Steven Brand playing Conner with a real sense of sinister and just psychotic enough to be menacing without turning in to a pantomime villain. It is in truth Luner and Brand who make the movie and keep you watching when some gaping plot holes appear and the storyline becomes ridiculous.

What this all boils down to is that "Accidental Switch" is entertaining but it is for a mix of good and bad as whilst both Luner and Brand play their parts well the storyline has some noticeable flaws and some of it borders on being entertaining for being bad.

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