Christmas in New Bedford

A Wind at My Back Christmas (2001)

Christmas is coming and there is plenty going on in New Bedford as school principal and town mayor Max Sutton has little spare time although between everything manages to find time to re-write the school's Christmas pageant. Hub Bailey has become close to a musician from Austria whilst he had been studying at the seminary which hasn't gone down well with everyone when he brings her back home for Christmas.

I am going to leave it there because I need to say something. I have never seen a single episode of the TV series "Wind at My Back", I don't have any recollection of it being shown here in the UK. And to be really honest when I came across "A Wind at My Back Christmas" and saw that it featured characters with the surname Bailey and was set in a town called New Bedford I thought for one minute it was some sort of misguided sequel to "It's a Wonderful Life". Now as such watching "A Wind at My Back Christmas" without prior knowledge of the characters is difficult and I can only imagine it would be like for someone who didn't grow up watching "The Waltons" to watch one of the TV movie spin-offs.

Now I mentioned "The Waltons" for a reason and I will mention "Everwood" as well as this movie has a tone and style which is in between. What I mean is that we have the small town community life of "Everwood" but combined with the period nature of "The Waltons" with a mix of the wholesomeness of both. It is because of those that even though it makes it difficult to watch with no history of the characters the tone and wholesomeness makes it watchable.

What this all boils down to is that "A Wind at My Back Christmas" whilst watchable is one of those TV movie spin-offs where you really need to have watched and been a fan of the TV show it originates from. But trust me when I say that if you enjoy the wholesome nature of "The Waltons" you are likely to enjoy this just as much.

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