A Crown in Winter

Merritt Patterson in A Royal Winter (2017)

Maggie Marks (Merritt Patterson) is waiting to hear whether or not she has got a job, a two week wait to hear back and despite reluctant finds herself agreeing to go on a last minute vacation with her friend Sarah (Rhea Bailey) to Calpurnia in Europe. It is whilst walking around the scenic streets of an old town she has an encounter with a handsome biker who persuades her to go out for a cup of coffee later that day. What Maggie doesn't immediately realise is the handsome biker is in fact Prince Adrian of Calpurnia (Jack Donnelly) who is soon to be crowned King and as such his mother, Queen Beatrice (Samantha Bond), is less than impressed about her son's flirtations with an American.

Yes "A Royal Winter" is another one of those Hallmark movies where your average, but very attractive American woman falls for a handsome and charming stranger oblivious to the fact he is a Prince who is destined to become King of his country. Where "A Royal Winter" differs from the usual is that are Prince who is feeling the pressure of his destiny isn't masquerading as an every day guy in America. Instead we have are innocent American in the Prince's own country when she unwittingly starts dating him.

But aside from that difference in the set up "A Royal Winter" is typical of this subset of Royal romance movies and as such we have Maggie who whilst following in her lawyer father's footsteps questions whether that is what she really wants. And then we have Adrian the Prince who finds himself tarnished as a playboy by the press and having to deal with a mother who does not approve of her son dating an American and someone who isn't of Royal blood. And typically of a Hallmark movie not only do we have some beautiful locations and more than a splattering of snow but we also have likeable actors with Merritt Patterson and Jack Donnelly being quite charming.

What this all boils down to is that "A Royal Winter" is really just another Hallmark take on the Royal romance storyline. It means that for all the changes it is familiar but also pleasant if you are a fan of these types of movies.

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