A Dog's Life

A Dog's Tale (1999) (aka: A Dog's Tale at Christmas)

Tim Webster (Clayton Taylor) is just a typical kid; he gets bullied at school and wants a dog but of course can't persuade his parents to allow him to have one for Christmas. But one day Tim meets the Professor (Gordon Jump) who tells him all about a star he can wish on. Unfortunately Tim's wish to have a dog goes wrong and he finds himself becoming a dog and needing to find some way of turning back to how he was.

If you spotted "A Dog's Tale", or "A Dog's Tale at Christmas" as it is also known, on the TV schedule and wonder whether it will be a cute movie to watch then let me say right away that if you are under the age of thirteen it may be cute. But for anyone who is older this movie, which doesn't have much when it comes to bells or whistles to jazz up the production, is going to quickly become back ground noise as it offers little to keep you entertained.

Now "A Dog's Tale" is simple enough as through the narration of a grown up Tim we quickly get a glimpse at his life as a child and then his thoughts when he gets turned in to a dog and ends up on an adventure to find the professor so he can be turned back in to a child. As such we see him have a close encounter with a grumpy farmer with a shot gun and then sneaking on to a recreational vehicle with a family on holiday. There are more things but it is all pretty routine stuff and with production values which don't disguise a limited budget it is very much a movie for those who are young and haven't watched a lot of other dog movies.

What this all boils down to is that "A Dog's Tale" is just a routine movie which combines two cliches of a dog having an adventure and a child transformed in to a dog. For a young audience it should entertain but as a piece of family entertainment older audiences might find it a little short on entertainment.

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