Christmas Magic

Catherine Mary Stewart in A Christmas Snow (2010)

As a child Christmas was spoilt for Kathleen (Catherine Mary Stewart) when her father abandoned her and her mother and ever since she has avoided celebrating it. But this Christmas she hasn't got a choice as she is left baby-sitting her soon to be fiancé's daughter Lucy (Cameron Ten Napel) and then taking in Sam (Muse Watson) who not only did she nearly run over but who came to her rescue when she is hassled by some thugs only to end up with a bump on his head. With a blizzard leaving them snowed in Kathleen has no choice but deal with her issues as does Lucy when it comes to missing her mum.

The magic of a sage old man; grey hair, beard, a kindly spirit and the ability to know what to say at the right time to quell tension. It is the mysterious Sam who is the Sage here as on one hand we have the grinch like Kathleen who doesn't do Christmas and then we have Lucy who misses her mum and doesn't like Kathleen just because she isn't her mum. Now I don't think I need to explain what goes on other than saying than thanks to Sam these two become close. Yes it is sappy and yes there is more to it than that but basically this is simply one of those feel good movies.

Now I like movies like "A Christmas Snow", I like Christmas movies which make me feel good but even I have to say that this has a few issues. The most noticeable of these is a wide spray shot of tone as it goes from humorous to dark within a blink of an eye especially during the opening scenes. It seems like it is unsure what it wants to be to start with and it makes it uneven. It also means that when it focuses on the heart of the story it can come across like it has come out of nowhere due to that shifting tone.

What this all boils down to is that "A Christmas Snow" is a touching and charming movie which will make you smile and feel good in the lead up to Christmas even if it is a movie with a few problems along the way.

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