A Chipmunk Christmas (1981)

A Chipmunk Christmas (1981)

Some Chipmunk Good Will

A Chipmunk Christmas (1981)

Back in the early 80s, every year my parents would take the entire family down to London for a day out and I remember this one year where they were promoting a "Chipmunk" album in a record store and foolishly my parents brought it for me. To say that I drove them insane as I played the record over and over again would be an understatement but the comically cute singing and amusing lyrics made me laugh as a child. Now over 30 years later I still love listening to an occasional Chipmunk song which makes watching "A Chipmunk Christmas" so much fun thanks to the various Chipmunk versions of Christmas songs which fill it.

Now "A Chipmunk Christmas" is a simple enough little cartoon which sees Alvin give his harmonica, a gift from Dave, to a sick little boy as the boy's family can't afford to buy him one. But when Dave arranges a big concert where Alvin is set to do a harmonica solo Alvin, Theodore and Simon come up with some far fetched schemes to try and make money to buy a replacement before Dave finds out that Alvin gave it away.

As I said it is simple enough and perfect for a little animated movie which scrapes in at just under 30 minutes and unsurprisingly is some heart warming fun. It also has songs and that is what makes "A Chipmunk Christmas" so entertaining, listening to the Chipmunks roll out various Christmas carols with some amusing lyrics constantly makes you smile what ever your age. And it is impossible to tire of listening to the Chipmunks sing their Christmas song.

What this all boils down to is that "A Chipmunk Christmas" maybe over 30 years old and very different to the live action Chipmunk movies of today but it is still a lot of innocent fun for fans of the Chipmunks.

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