Out of Fashion

Andrea Roth in A Change of Place (1994)

Kim Jameson (Andrea Roth) is a hard working art history student who whilst physically identical to her twin Kate (Andrea Roth) is very different as her twin is a top model going by the name Dominique in Paris, France. But Kate's lifestyle has lead to her having a drinking problem and Kim talks her into going in to rehab on the agreement she takes her place by pretending to be Dominique for a fashion shoot in Paris. Fortunately for Kim she finds an ally in Marie (Stephanie Beacham), a dresser, whilst also finding herself captivated with the beauty of Paris. But Kim also finds herself contending with not only falling for one of Kate's colleagues, Philip (Rick Springfield), but also Kate's problems including being blackmailed over the theft of fashion designs.

It may surprise you but despite being in my 40s and a bloke I some times enjoy the light hearted romantic nonsense which make up Harlequin movies and ever since I first watched Andrea Roth I have liked her. Unfortunately "A Change of Place" ended up a surprising disappointment and pretty tedious for the simple reason the focus for too much of the movie is on the novelty factor of Andrea Roth playing twins who then manages to convince pretty much everyone that the academic twin is the model twin. Maybe if I cared a bit more about fashion then all the fashion show malarkey which dominates the first half of the movie might have entertained more.

That is actually part of the problem as almost the entire first half of "A Change of Place" is dominated by the fashion show aspect of the movie with Andrea Roth parading around in some ridiculous outfits. Eventually a storyline starts to form as not only does Kim as Kate fall for Philip but she discovers what her sister was involved in with design theft, blackmail and some model industry back stabbing. Yes it paves way for some big romantic scenes but it isn't enough to make "A Change of Place" worth your time. Truth be told even the likeable combination of Andrea Roth and Rick Springfield fails to make this any more engaging.

What this all boils down to is that "A Change of Place" might have worked if it hadn't got distracted by both the twin element of the movie but also the fashion side. It means that you almost have to hit the half way point of the movie before the real storyline comes in to play.

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